Quote…”If you want to be happy, be”…Leo Tolstoy

Spoiler alert…those who attend “Baby Expos” may cringe slightly…

Note to self – once again enjoy the present and try and dump (often imagined) negative stuff out the window – I know I sometimes dwell on the down side of life, thus achieving nothing…time to move on and get with it!

Piss taking (a bit of a reference to booze…oops…no pun intended!) and humour gets me through so I’ll stick with that mantra.

I recently flew to Sydney to visit their Pregnancy Babies & Children’s Expo 2018 at Olympic Park…OMG What…why??? I was curious to see the demographics of the attendees, and was quite surprised to see many (perceived!) grandparents amongst the throng of the usual mums & dads.

With a lot of my focus on researching of alcohol use disorder within the mostly women population and also those of both sexes over 40 years old, it has come to my attention that more indepth education is required…for example (according to reports from the TV program 60 Minutes) 1 in 4 women between 39 and 59 drink to unsafe levels.

After witnessing a number of grandparents at the Expo, it would seem fair to make them (socially) aware of the responsibilities of keeping a close check on their alcohol consumption, particularly when around their grandchildren.

On a more lighter note, I took it upon myself to bring two of my (highly valued!) stuffed toys – Eric the Echidna & Wallis the Husky (I’m sure they’ll be introduced in a more formal manor later…) to the Expo…well, there was an instant success with the little folk (this is not a slant at anyone vertically challenged!…but merely describes, in this case, children). Attempts to purchase said toys was met with regularly, but no financial agreement could be reached…Eric & Wallis are just priceless…

With the exception of one stall (and I certainly didn’t stop by all of them) that I visited, very little was offered in the education of alternatives to alcoholic beverages, both during and after pregnancy.

As a Health Initiative Consultant (HIC) I believe that Expos, like this recently in Sydney, can have a great influence bringing social awareness to alcoholic use disorder within these demographics…