The information that you receive will increase your understanding and appreciation that alcohol has on the over 40’s in our society.

I almost died from Liver Cirrhosis in 2016.

I am going to share my life experience as an example along with some salient facts and figures thus “normalising” the subject as we are still very reluctant to talk about it or face it directly because of long held stigmas and judgement. I must emphasise that my story is merely one of so many from all walks of life , am no saint just another flawed human being,

Warning : some angst / a tad of swearing and sarcasm, but I promise no terms of feeling blessed/grateful or the words awesome /amazing being used!

Jane Beetham is the name,  aka Queen Chardonnay who is quite happy to take the piss, no pun intended out of herself, and professionally has been a registered Div 1 Nurse, has practised for over 40 years, mainly in the field of Oncology at the Peter Mac cancer Institute in Melbourne Victoria.

My patients received much empathy and respect from myself over the years, along with a huge dose of humour which is the least these people should get in their ghastly situation.

When doing night duty Ward patients would wake up to Billy tea and toast on Australia Day / chockies on Valentines’ day and Easter, and of course got lots of laughs with the Xmas shorts!

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