Quote…”A day without laughter is a day wasted”…Charles Chaplin

Spoiler alert…gluttony has its boundaries…

The QC and her royal entourage had a wonderful afternoon getting together with dear friends for a long overdue lunch at our local premium winery “Passing Clouds” nestled neatly into the rolling hills of Musk.

The views, company and relaxed service made for a fabulous time with enormous bursts of laughter and much mumblings of “I know…I know…mmm…I know…”.

Although I am now a “wowser”, a term I despise as it just seems to sound so  derogatory…perhaps I should come up with my own sobriquet such as…mmm…”foxy lady”…perhaps not but what fun!

The rest of the gang enjoyed a variety of wines which were all deemed to be delicious and the restaurant staff made sure that the Queen’s glass was kept adequately full of her (now) preferred tipple for the duration of the meal…it’s amazing how I can be so comfortable and not feel left out at all without imbibing in the “real stuff”.

Once again this brings me back to the aim of my mission to gain mutual acceptance and respect in our society for choices that we make for health, social & safety reasons – judgement on both sides is a no no as far as I’m concerned.

Want to know more about No Booze No Worries…well, just ask me!

Cheers from QC (& Eric the echidna – social media assistant & model)