Late 60th birthday trip to the Sandwich Isles for Queen Chardy

As you go through life , you’ve got to see the valleys as well as the peaks”

Neil Young

Eric , my brand manager is soaking up the morning light above our pool 
on the south shore of Kauai ', one of the islands ! He is having a 
splendid time with QC and Aqua Boy(hubby) though one has to laugh at the 
24 hours a day putting up with each others quirks and neuroses!!! QC 
behaves perfectly no doubt !

The trip has given me a chance to understand in my mind , that despite 
some wonderful times ,this year has been one full of shit prizes as to 
quote Stephen King.

No one appears ready to want to engage with my talks or even give me a 
chance to spread the word without payment. ' I have tried many avenues 
from health services//manufacturers/private clinics , including 
government agencies and at times have not even got a return call.

This has made me quite low and I recognise this ,along with weight gain 
from too little exercise over winter.Not drinking does not magically 
make angst go away but I have not succumbed to booze even at my lowest 
ebbs over the past few months !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seems like back to square 1 but am determined to make a change as all 
the latest research shows much need for education and non alcoholic 
drinks that make people feel comfortable in a social situation. I 
FINALLY have said farewell to nursing as I want to concentrate on this. 
I feel very proud with what I achieved with my patients over 42 years

Same here in Hawaii , only 13 outlets in Hawaii stock alcohol removed 
Californian Chardy , and there are 3 types of non alcohol beer available.

2019 is the year for QC so watch out everyone! Mahalo