Quote: “you cant always get what you want” rolling stones “But if you take some time you just might get what you need” rolling stones again

QC knows that we are already into our 3rd week of 2019 and Xmas is well and truly passed, but the pic shows just how one can enjoy Xmas and festive seasons with the greatest aplomb of all! I am playing with

my fave pressie the dancing Xmas tree whilst slugging on a de-alcoholised bubbly along with the Chardy stored in the royal Garrets of the castle over the break like a treat!

I tortured hubby/Eric (brand manager) and friends staying with us my making the tree jive constantly singing in payback for their cacophony of snoring post megaboozeing slumped passed out in their chairs whilst i sat up and perkily viewed vintage black and white Xmas movies!

2018 Was not a good one for QC “ánnus horribilus” i recall my English quoting some years ago but shit happens and spares no one. At my age, I am going to make a real effort and learn to be less sensitive to the many rejections of the product which is aimed to help our society, not make a fortune!

Our society appears to be comfortable in passing the message to the younger members of our society, where the drink in under 25s is dropping steadily. It is going up in the more “mature”’ members of our society including both sexes and no one appears to want to know about it. I want to help so much to increase the understanding of alcohol use disorder, along with information the long term body damage that occurs that people have no ideas of.

No judgement/nolecturing/just decent info, humour and assistance of many agencies in mental/women/oncology/seniors/general health. I want to be part of a team who have similar aims be it from anywhere! Any ideas?

Contact me ! Ps video coming very soon!