”Ever tried. Ever failed. No mater. Try again. Fail again. Fail better”

Samuel Beckett


Spoiler alert…a tad more solipsism on my part.

To all those good folk (just like those in this blog’s photo) who are abstaining from alcohol this month for whatever reasons…keep up the great work!

One could call me a “Dry Lifer” although this seems to make the word “dry” a misnomer. “Dry” has connotations of all kinds of potentially negative meanings which should not be associated with opting to abstain from drinking alcohol due to social, financial or health reasons.

My life is not “dry”…it remains full of laughter, friends, challenges and future projects. Yes, it also has its dark side – rejections of my cause, unnecessary judgement and feelings of frustration that can no longer be numbed by imbibing in an alcoholic beverage.

I’m not a saint…I do feel some self-pity at times…I am merely a person who wants people to respect me with all my flaws. It’s been 27months (who’s counting!) since my last drink and I plan on lasting without an alcoholic bevvie till I finally fly away to “The Great Gig in the Sky” (some people would remember the amazing vocals of this Pink Floyd classic…

Cheers from QC (& Eric the echidna – social media assistant & model)