“No Booze No Worries” is a fresh new business, fronted by Jane Beetham, concentrating on the ongoing health and well being of many individuals in our society and is administered by parent company “Guilt Free Beverages International.”

The genesis of the business began with the idea of hosting tailor made talks focusing on Jane’s personal background and her experience to recovery after a brush with death (potential fatal liver failure). By using her particular sense of humour (often generated while nursing critically ill patients) the talks are designed to not only educate and inform but to relax the audience making them more accepting of choices that may have to be made.

Jane’s professional experience as a registered nurse for over 40 years adds authenticity and she has been under the guidance of an accredited trainer (see below) to conduct these forums that will outline the safe use of alcohol today, ultimately increasing health benefits and positive outcomes in our society. Her discovery of ultra low and non alcoholic beverages such as beer, cider and wines has led to a happy consumption and therefore relationship with these products and that she now can emphasise with concurrent health and social benefits.

The said audience that Jane is targeting for the promotion and education of the associated health benefits with the consumption of these “guilt free beverages” may include restaurants, hotels, liquor outlets (bottle shops etc), sports clubs, airlines and more intimate social groups such as those that are pregnant, who recognise the doctrines of halal, must adhere to certain dietary restrictions, to mention a few.

The talk’s content(s) would not only include a national and international snapshot (statistics, medical insights etc) of the apparent ongoing acceptance of drinking more in moderation than ever, but also anecdotal evidence from people that have decided to adopt a healthier approach to life for whatever reason. There may be actual tastings of (promoted) beverages with food matches, guest speakers that may include winemakers, medical staff & dieticians.

Jane Beetham

Jane Beetham

Jane Beetham’s previous workshop experience (within her nursing background) has spanned many years with talks at Chicago, London, Melbourne & Sydney. She has also created and successfully managed two businesses in the field of hospitality and gourmet food production and sales, with many hours spent on promotion of theses ventures.