An innovative approach to helping us deal with health problems of alcohol in our society.

Jane Beetham, a qualified nurse for many years and survivor after facing a death sentence in 2016 wants to share her experience, and educate people in a humorous non-judgemental manner about the potential problems of alcohol use in our booze-enhanced. Society.

These talks are 1 -1.5  hours in length and are tailored to each personal or professional group and their individual needs.

“Loved hearing Janes’ story and her bravery in telling it and the lessons from her journey.”

“Honesty of Jane and her life.You are an inspirational woman”


“The trauma and honesty, it was just great.”

“I was expecting something that could be considered quite dry but this is an extraordinary telling being extremely candid, informative and thought provoking.”



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What can you expect

These talks will increase public education towards maintaining a healthy life style for all women and men who need to, or choose to abstain from consumption of alcohol. Stay sober, no hangover!

Health Professionals will gain a comprehensive insight how alcohol use disorder can be triggered, thus gaining a greater understanding of alcohol use in all parts of our society and the various treatment offers offered today. This will greatly benefit both the health practitioner and the patient.

The convenor, aka Queen Chardonnay will outline her personal discovery of non alcohol beers, wines and spirits that are available, outlining the benefits of these being significant weight loss benefits and maintenance of being accepted in all social situations, which often is missing when one stops imbibing in alcohol. Non alcohol beer and wine is fine, and great for the waistline!

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